Design Services

Design services

Our design and technical team have decades of experience in developing products that both fit our customers needs and excel in their application. With full involvement from start to finish in the design and manufacturing process our team are on hand to provide expertise relating to design, specification and production aspects for your needs.

Our design facilities include the latest hi-tech CAD systems that enable our designers to provide drawings, visualisations, specifications and prototypes. To read more about our prototyping facilities and services, click here…

All of our new designs are created on our 3D Solidworks system, which are driven by our highly skilled and experienced Design Team. Innovation is our aim as we see this as a way of keeping ahead of our competition. Frequently we work with our customers at the concept stage of their project to ensure that they have the best solution. Very often we are able to pass on other benefits to our customers such as timesavings to fit our products or adding in extra features.

With our 3D-design capabilty, entirely new conceptual designs can be created on a ‘contract’ basis, where volumes are significant. These products are exclusive to the customer, and can be customised and developed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

By engaging Weston Body Hardware throughout the design and prototyping stage we can assist you to streamline the production process, achieve significant cost savings and develop your product that is both fit for purpose and meets your required specification.

To discuss your design and prototyping requirements please contact us by calling 01527 516060 or fill in our enquiry form and we will call you back.