Section G – Grab & Trim Items

  • G1 ‘Foamed’ Steel-Cored Grab Rail 300mm

    G1 ‘FOAMED’ STEEL-CORED GRAB RAIL 300mm Moulded in expanded polyurethane foam, this handle has a soft, resilient surface and no sharp edges, while the steel core provides strength and rigidity. This modern design replaces traditional steel stanchion rails, and ensures safety and comfort when used as a grab, or entryassist rail. ORDERING CODE 9/01725 300mm grab rail-black 9/01725/01 300mm grab rail-red to RAL3020 9/01725/02 300mm grab rail, […]

  • G2 ‘Foamed’ Steel-Cored Grab Rail 475mm

    G2 ‘FOAMED’ STEEL-CORED GRAB RAIL 475mm This model meets the requirement for an entry-assist rail with extended length of grip for use with entry steps on buses and coaches, or for high cabs and trucks. It is made in solid 10mm steel rod to achieve maximum strength without ‘flexing’. ORDERING CODE 9/01226 475mm grab rail, black 9/01226/01 475mm grab rail, red, RAL 3020 9/01226/03 475mm […]

  • G3 ‘Foamed’ Steel-Cored ‘Hand-Hold’ 150mm

    G3 ‘FOAMED’ STEEL-CORED ‘HAND-HOLD’ 150mm   This unique design complements our range of larger “foamed” grab rails, but is suited to more restricted spaces. It makes an ideal alternative to traditional “6- inch” pulls, with textured, resilient surface, great strength, and a shape that lends itself to fixing in several modes as illustrated.   9/01228 Hand-hold in ‘forward’ mode, suitable for gantries, platforms, high-access doors, as a grab for standing […]

  • G4 Moulded Coat-Hooks

    G4 MOULDED COAT-HOOKS Attractive moulded hooks, retained through fixing hole(s) which are concealed in service by press-shut integral covers. single or double models. Moulded in polypropylene with black, textured finish. ORDERING CODE 9/01145 Coat-hook, single 9/01146 Coat-hook, double SPECIFICATION A Body Length 51 mm B Body Width 33 mm C Body Height 16 mm D Width (base) 40 mm E Width […]

  • G5 Hanging-Strap Handle (30mm Rail)

    G5 HANGING-STRAP HANDLE (30mm RAIL) 9/01746 Hanging-strap handle A well-proven design for coaches and light railcars, this is a solid, moulded handle with comfortable, wide grip and 25 mm woven strap. Normally for 30 mm rail, it can be cut and adjusted to give tight or loose fit, and used on rails up to 50 mm diameter. A moulded ‘top-hat’ bracket is provided. ORDERING CODE […]

  • G6 Moulded Steel-Cored Handles

    G6 MOULDED STEEL-CORED HANDLES  9/00404 (190mm) 9/00405 (280mm) Moulded in resilient elastomer around steel cores, these handles have been designed for those applications where great strength is required, but still offering good appearance and ‘user-friendly’ characteristics. ORDERING CODE 9/00404 Moulded, steel-cored grab handle 190mm SPECIFICATION A Body Length 190 mm B Body Width 28 mm C Body Height 50 mm D Hole centres […]

  • G7 ‘High-Grip’ Moulded Steelcored Handle

    G7 ‘HIGH-GRIP’ MOULDED STEELCORED HANDLE   Made in same length and construction as 9/00404, this model suits applications where exceptionally high grip is desirable. For example, where handle is fitted within a compartment so that much of its height is hidden by the door frame. Other uses include trailers and caravans, or inside service vehicles where unimpeded access is essential. 9/00403 ‘High-grip’ handle with steel core ORDERING CODE […]

  • G8 Concealed-Fix Moulded Grab Handle

    G8 CONCEALED-FIX MOULDED GRAB HANDLE 9/01526 Clean, sharp lines characterise this new addition to our range, intended for surface- mount applications where fixing from inside is desired. The handle contains threaded brass inserts, moulded-in during manufacture, and has a relatively high grip for a gloved hand. ORDERING CODE 9/01526 Concealed-fix handle, black SPECIFICATION A Body Length 145 mm B Body Width 26 mm C […]

  • G9 External-Fix Grab Handles With ‘Snap-Shut’ Trim Panels

    G9 EXTERNAL-FIX GRAB HANDLES with ‘snap-shut’ trim panels NOW IN TWO SIZES! 1/30357 Grab Hndle (173mm)9/02357 Grab Handle (203mm) Two useful grab handles, with integral ‘snap-shut’ panels to conceal fixing holes. Resilient, strong, with no sharp edges, they suit both inside and outside applications, such as vehicle seat-backs, cabinets, carrying-cases, etc. ORDERING CODE 1/30357 Grab handle, black, 173mm 1/30357/02 Grab handle, white (RAL 9016) […]

  • G10 External-Fix Grab Handle 150mm

    G10 EXTERNAL-FIX GRAB HANDLE 150mm  7/28745 A substantial diecast handle, with sufficient height to allow good grip. It is fixed externally through two deep-recessed mounting holes. ORDERING CODE 7/28745 Diecast handle-chrome 7/28746 Diecast handle-black SPECIFICATION A Body Length 150 mm B Body Width 18 mm C Body Height 37 mm D Hole centres 136 mm E Section min 7 mm […]

  • G11 Diecast Grab-Rail 250mm

    G11 DIECAST GRAB-RAIL 250mm 9/00214 (black) 9/00224 (chrome) This model was designed with clean, modern lines in reaction to traditional ‘commode’ style diecast grab handles with thin sections and curved shapes. It is ideal for use as an entry-assist on rear and side doors of trucks and vans, for compressor and engine covers, and on containerised gen-sets. ORDERING CODE 9/00214 Diecast grab rail-black 9/00224 Diecast grab […]

  • G12 Wall-Mounted Ashtray

    G12 WALL-MOUNTED ASHTRAY Attractive, moulded ashtray for recess fitting into simple cut-out, secured by screw and steel ‘U’- bracket (provided). Textured finish in black ABS, suits side-panel, seatbacks, etc. Meets EC 95/28/C for combustibility. Easily separated for cleaning. 1/29990     ORDERING CODE 1/29990 Ashtray, black, c/w bracket Aperture size: 90mm & 58mm SPECIFICATION A Length 100 mm B Width 71 mm C […]

  • G13 Double-Sided Flush-Fit Grab Handles

    G13 DOUBLE-SIDED FLUSH-FIT GRAB HANDLES This design is available in both diecast and moulded construction. It is completely flush-fitting and easy to fix into panel aperture. The shaped edges allow easy action with roller shutters and sliding doors. Use the diecast version when handle is used to lift heavy equipment. 9/01390 Grab Handle ORDERING CODE 9/01390 Recess grab handle, moulded 9/01391 Recess grab handle, diecast […]

  • G14 Flush-Fit Steel Grab Handle Encapsulated In Synthetic Rubber (TPE)

    G14 FLUSH-FIT STEEL GRAB HANDLE encapsulated in synthetic rubber (TPE) A fully-recessed grab handle, large enough to receive a gloved hand. The unit is completely corrosionresistant and shaped to allow run-off of water (spray, etc.). It is suitable for large commercial vehicles and trailers, etc. 9/01389/01 Grab Handle ORDERING CODE 9/01389/01 Flush-fit grab handle- black SPECIFICATION A Length 230 mm B Width 170 mm […]

  • G15 Rod Type Grab Rails

    G15 ROD TYPE GRAB RAILS Widely used for electrical cabinets and equipment drawers, these handles are rolled from 9 mm stainless steel bar, bright polished. Ends are drilled and tapped M5, and two screws are supplied for mounting from beneath. 9/00166SS 9/00163SS ORDERING CODE 9/00163SS Stainless steel rail, 104 mm. 9/00166SS Stainless steel rail, 165 mm. SPECIFICATION 9/00163 9/00166 A Length 104 mm […]

  • G16 ‘Traditional’ Grab Handle

    G16 ‘TRADITIONAL’ GRAB HANDLE Traditionally-styled handle for planton fitting. Hand-polished and chromium plated to a very high standard. Other finishes to special order. 1/20550 ORDERING CODE 1/20550 ‘Traditional’ grab handle chrome SPECIFICATION A Total Length 165 mm B Width (max) 41 mm C Height (max) 46 mm D Hole centres 140 mm E Hole centres 19 mm H Hole sizes […]