A10 Latch Bar Options For Compartment Locks


These are some of the more commonly-used latch bars for our compartment lock range. All are made in mild steel, 15 mm x 2.2 mm, and zinc-plated, with an 8-sided hole to accept 8 mm-square drive (unless otherwise noted). All are reversible.

Standard lock models are normally fitted with the ‘cranked’ bar (7/01906) or the ‘straight’ bar, (7/03640). However, any of these options can be provided on request,and special bars made to order where volumes are appropriate.

A range of 3 mm heavy-duty bars with raised cam-form is also available and is shown separately.

Latch bar options for compartment_locks ‘Cranked’ Latch Bars                                        Latch bar options for compartment_locks_profile

Latch bar options for compartment_locks ‘Straight’ Latch Bars                                    Latch bar options for compartment_locks

7/23563Latch bar options for compartment_locks9/00509 ‘Hooked’ Latch Bars            Latch bar options for compartment_locks_profile 7/23563


5/00960Latch bar options for compartment_locks ‘Plunger’-type Latch Bars       Latch bar options for compartment_locks

Note: 5/00960 has a
4-sided hole and ‘Plnger’
is reduced to 6mm width.

7/08995Latch bar options for compartment_locks7/23709 ‘Special’ Latch Bars            Latch bar options for compartment_locks_profile ‘Blocking’ Bar 7/23709

‘Pear-shaped’ Bar 7/08995

Note: These latch bars have
4-sided hole only.

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