A13 ‘Turnbutton’ Low-Profile Lock Unit


The ‘turnbutton’ lock is fitted with a direct-action operating bar, making it an extremely low-profile handle for securing doors or for driving rod mechanisms.

turnbutton low_profile lock unit_keysDouble-sided ‘FT’ Keys are standardturnbutton low_profile lock unit 9/01861

9/01861 Turnbutton, chrome, 90° LH
9/01861/01 As above, FT111 keys


turnbutton low_profile lock unit_profile
A Face width 45 mm
B Body depth 37 mm
C Face height 14 mm
D Depth to latch 30 mm
E Height of latch 48 mm
Latch bar can be fitted at 90° intervals
turnbutton low_profile lock unit_profile Panel-piercing detail
This larger aperture also
suits our ‘easy-fix’ range
of ‘L’ & ‘T’ handles.
H Piercing across flats 22 mm
J Piercing, diameter 24 mm

Latch-bar options

Straight bar is fitted as standard

5/00097 Cranked ‘down’ 9.5mm    5/00275 ‘straight’   5/00276 Cranked ‘up’ 9.5mm

turnbutton low_profile lock unit


Straight latch bar is fitted as standard, with two options cranked 9.5 mm ‘up’ or ‘down’. Lock will accept all other bars with 8 mm piercing, including 2/3-point options.



turnbutton low_profile lock unit_profile

Handles operate LH (clockwise) but lock in horizontal position only. Key does not withdraw in ‘open’ position.

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