A15 ‘Desk Lock’ (Key-Operated Dead Bolt)


Designed originally for wooden furniture, this is a key-operated ‘deadbolt’ lock (does not slam). It is a simple and inexpensive unit which can be used for any small cabinet or drawer. Finish: chromium-plated.

desk lock key_operated dead bolt Single-sided ‘FS’                 desk lock key_operated dead bolt       desk lock key_operated dead bolt
keys are standard                  5/01464 Striker plate                                                    7/06433 Desk Lock


7/06433 Desk lock, chrome
7/06433/01 Desk lock, FS 880 keys
5/01464 Striker plate, chrome


desk lock key_operated dead bolt_profile
A Face diameter 19 mm
B Body depth 29 mm
C Head depth 17 mm
D Depth to bolt 25 mm
E Depth ‘throw’ 7 mm
F Diameter 40 mm
H Hole sizes 3 mm
Striker plate, 5/01464
desk lock key_operated dead bolt_profile
J Striker width 18 mm
K Striker hole centres 40 mm
L Striker length 50 mm



This is a popular and well-proven ‘cubby’ lock, which slams shut and is opened by push-button action. Its small size and simple method of fixing makes it suitable for inspection windows, control boxes, etc.

push_button cubby lock with slam_bolt_keys        push_button cubby lock with slam_bolt7/23057 Finger pullpush_button cubby lock with slam_bolt 7/09302

7/09302 Cubby lock
7/09303 Cubby lock, FS 880
7/09280 Cubby lock, plain button
7/23057 Finger-pull, chrome
Note: Finger-pull is optional and secures behind fixing-bracket.Finish is stainless steel (satin) or black to special order.

push_button cubby lock with slam_bolt

A Face height 25 mm
B Body depth 28 mm
C Rim thickness 4 mm
D Location to bolt 8 mm
E Centre-line to bolt 15 mm
F Tolerance (panel thickness) 2 mm
G Body width 22 mm
Request drawing for panel-piercing.
Square-section bolt is thrown as key is turned through 180.
Key withdraws in both positions.
Insert from near so that housing protrudes through round hole
(20mm dia). Secure through fixing holes in rear flange.
Striker plate available.
‘FS’ keys only, non-shuttered.
Lock slams against panel edge, opens with gentle pressure
on front face. Key turns 90 to ‘block’ button.
Insert from front into special piercing, secure with brackets
provided at rear. Suits panels up to 2mm (special brackets
for thicker panels).
‘FS’ keys only, non-locking model available.
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