A17 ‘Snap-In’ Ignition Lock Barrels & Switchies


These are well-known ‘Lucas’ keyoperated 24 volt rotary switches, suitable for commercial, agricultural and industrial uses. The model shown suits diesel engines, with the most commonly used terminal configuration, many other versions available.

WBH ignition barrels have a spring-loaded plunger, allowing ‘snap-in’ fitting. They can be supplied to special key number, allowing ignition to be matched to a full vehicle lock-set. ‘Shuttered’ head for weather-protection when required.

snap_in ignition lock barrels and switches_profile     snap_in ignition lock barrels and switches_profile      snap_in ignition lock barrels and switches1/06280snap_in ignition lock barrels and switchesIgnition switch with                                                                                                                                                     Ignition barrel                                                                                                                                                         asssembled lock
bezel,and special
                                                                                                                                                                                   ‘customised’ key 

5/02090 Ignition switch only (35640D)
1/06280 ‘FS’ ignition barrel, non-shuttered
1/07906 ‘FS’ ignition barrel, shuttered
1/09280 ‘92’ ignition barrel, non-shuttered
1/09151 ‘FT’ ignition barrel, shuttered
5/02136 Deep bezel (optional)
5/02336 Standard Lucas bezel, chrome


A Total switch height 56 mm
B Boss height 29 mm
C Thread height 16 mm
D Base diameter 54 mm
E Terminal projection (max) 16 mm
F (Deep) bezel height 6 mm
G Head, diameter 19.6 mm
H Across ‘flat’ 18.4 mm
Maximum current recommended at ‘start’ is 16.5
amps. Electrical connectors are ‘Lucar’ blade

snap_in ignition lock barrels and switches_profile The special ‘deep ‘bezel must be used with the ‘FT’ barrel, 1/09151


This clever design allows for easy operation ( with gloved hand) and provides support for the key to prevent breakage in the lock. It will fit all ‘Lucas’ switches.

7/27693 ‘Butterfly’ ignition barrel
9/01874 ‘Butterfly’ barrel, non-locking
The butterfly barrel is only available in the ‘FS’ key series.

snap_in ignition lock barrels and switches_profile
7/27693 Ignition barrel with chromiumplated ‘butterfly’ head

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