A4 Compartment Locks (19mm) Standard & Short Body Locks (13mm)


Identical in most details to the ‘deluxe’ models, these locks have a simplified specification which enables them to be installed without need for dismantling latch bar.

key ‘FT’ Keys Optionalkeys9/00103

‘Standard’ specification
9/00107 Compartment lock, 90°, mixed keys
9/00103 Compartment lock, 90°, FS 880
9/00108 Compartment lock, 180°, mixed keys
9/00105 Compartment lock, 180°, FS 880


For clarity, retaining nut is not shown
compartment lock standard specification
A Head diameter 26 mm
B Total depth 27 mm
C Head projection 6 mm
D Depth to cranked latch 11 mm
D1 Body depth 19 mm
E Height of bar 37 mm
F Thread depth 15 mm
latch bar reversible, can be fitted at 45° intervals.
7/01905, spiked locating plate
for fitting to wooden panels
Panel-piercing detail
G Diameter, locating plate 34 mm
H Piercing, across flats 17.5 mm
J Piercing, diameter 20 mm
Locating plate must be ordered separately with
this specification.


Use these locks where depth is restricted, since body length is 7mm less than standard. It can be further reduced with optional moulded spacer under head.

7/22932 ‘Short body‘ lock, 90°, mixed keys
7/22932/01 ‘Short body‘ lock, 90°, FS 880
7/22931 ‘Short body‘ lock, 180°, mixed keys
7/22931/01 ‘Short body‘ lock, 180°, FS 880
Flat latch bar as standard, can be fitted at 45°
intervals: Order locating plate separately.

short body locks specification keysshort body lock7/22931

A Head diameter 26 mm
B Total depth 20 mm
C Head projection 6 mm
D Depth to latch 13 mm
E Height of bar 35 mm
Latch bar must be removed for mounting.

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