A9 Low-Profile Compartment Locks


A new model, designed with a “shuttered” cylinder for weather protection but with a wider, lower head style for enhanced appearance. Larger panelpiercing to match our ‘easy-fix’ handles, with nut-fixing for latch bar. A neoprene gasket and diecast spacer are provided. Finish is bright chromium-plated.

Keys  low_profile compartment locks 9/01930

9/01930 Low-profile lock, 90°, mixed keys
9/01930/01 Low-profile lock, 90°, FT 111
9/01931 Low-profile lock, 180°, mixed keys
9/01931/01 Low-profile lock, 180°, FT 111


low_profile compartment locks_profile
A Head diameter 30 mm
B Total depth 29 mm
C Head projection 5 mm
D Depth to cranked latch 15 mm
D1 Body depth 22 mm
E Height of bar 37 mm
F Thread depth 17 mm
low_profile compartment locks_profile ‘Type 2’ piercing
This larger aperture
also suits our ‘easyfix’
range of handles.
G Diecast spacer (depth) 6 mm
H Piercing, across flats 22 mm
J Piercing, diameter 24 mm
Latch bar reversible, can be fitted at 45° intervals.



Used with non-locking exterior handles (see B25), these locks have very low profile and twin-lobed operating bar. Supplied as pairs, LH/RH, chromiumplated, ‘FT’ keys only.

Vehicle_private door locks_profileVehicle_private door locks 7/24385 Spring Fixing clipVehicle_private door locksVehicle_private door locks1/29400-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (supplied as pairs)
(supplied with locks)

1/29400-1 ‘Private’ locks, LH/RH pair,
complete with spring clip.
Request engineering drawing for panel cut-out


A Head diameter 30 mm
B Total depth 33 mm
C Head projection 2 mm
D Depth to bar 25 mm
E Height to hole centre 16 mm

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