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‘Chunky’ Commercial Filler Caps & Necks

This model has been used by every British truck manufacturer as well as for ‘static’ applications such as power generator sets. Recommended specification is fully sealed but the ‘Waso’ venting system will suit some applications. Caps fit “internally-flanged” neck-ends (illustrated), which can be brazed onto a plain filler pipe, generally at 76 mm (3-inch) diameter.
Ordering Code
‘Non-vented’ models with 68 mm bayonet
602935 ‘Chunky’ cap locking, black
602936 ‘Chunky’ cap, non-locking, black
‘Vented’ models with 68 mm bayonet
600281 ‘Chunky’ cap, locking, black
600296 ‘Chunky’ cap, non-locking, grey
616900 Steel neck-end, 77 mm diameter
616901 Steel neck-end, 58 mm diameter

Ask for advice on suitability of caps where venting is required. EC regulations may apply.

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Diameter 87 mm
B Base height 24 mm
C Max. height 42 mm
D Inside diameter 84 mm
E ‘Bayonet’ diameter (not shown) 68 mm

Note: Alternative ‘bayonets’ can be fitted at 45mm & 55mm diameter, but these will reduce resistance of cap to vandal attack.

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