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New Model Rotary Ventilator with Inside Grille & Adaptor

WBH is delighted to introduce a new rotary ventilator, under exclusive UK licence from our long-time trading partner, UES International, of Australia.

The new model is better-looking and up to 25% more efficient in removing stale air from within a vehicle. Most significantly, however, UES has now created an inside adaptor-ring, allowing neat and easy installation of an inside grille, concealing all fixing screws and making the ventilator entirely suitable for mini-buses and other ‘prestige’ applications.
Ordering Code
9/01850 Ventilator only, black
9/01851 Ventilator only, white
9/01855 Adaptor & grille, black

Installation Instructions

Remove moulded top cap, unscrew locknut and seperate scoop from base. This can now be attached to outside roof around pre-cut 96mm diameter hole in panel, using four screws provided. On inside, fit adaptor ring to screws and secure with nuts. Re-assemble scoop and tighten centre locknut. Inside grille fits onto adaptor and is secured with clips provided.


Vehicle speed Volume
MPH KPH Cu. ft/min Cu.M/min
20 12 0.75 26
40 25 1.72 61
60 38 2.55 90
80 50 3.45 122
100 62 4.27 151
120 75 4.70 167
140 87 5.10 180
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Height (maxium) 120 mm
B Base diameter 140 mm
C Scoop diameter 240 mm
D Grille outer diameter 160 mm
E Depth of adaptor/grille 30 mm
F Hole centres (across base) 124 mm
F Hole sizes (dia) 5 mm, c/s 8 mm

Weight of unit - 660 grams (1.5lb)

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