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‘Low Line’ Minimal Projection ‘T’ Handles

Sitting almost directly onto the panel surface, this design has absolutely minimum projection, avoiding risk of injury from the ‘arms’ of the T-handle.

With hidden mounting holes (or internal studs) it is ideal for roller shutters, vehicle side compartments and special cabinets.
Ordering Code
With 40mm open-fixing
1/25515 ‘Lowline T’, locking, chrome
1/25515/01 As above, FS880
1/25515B ‘Lowline T’, locking, black
1/25515B/01 As above, FS880
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Handle length 97 mm
B Mounting width 28 mm
C Face height 23 mm
D Depth of handle boss 25 mm
E Shaft length 76 mm
F Diameter of boss 23 mm
G Hole centres 40 mm
H Hole sizes (open) dia. 5mm c/s 9mm

Concealed-fixing models have two threaded studs fitted into escutcheon, 10mm deep x 10-32 UNF. (Top face is plain).

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