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Inside Controls

‘Buckle’ Inside Release Handles

A neat, automotive design which is very easy to fix. There is no locking feature, so it is used on doors where inside locking is achieved by sill-button or other means. Two styles of connector as shown, non-handed.
Ordering Code
1/29908 ‘Buckle’ release, chrome (snap-in)
1/29908B As above, black
9/00708 ‘Buckle’ release, chrome (threaded)
9/00708B As above, black
3/22324 Moulded escutcheon bowl, black
9/00078 Connector rod, 3.5 mm x 1 metre
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Bowl total length 102 mm
B Bowl width 55 mm
C Depth to base 23 mm
D Location 45 mm
E Location to ‘J’ 75 mm
H Hole size (dia) 5 mm
J Hole size (dia) 3.5 mm
X Travel of latch release 15 mm

A rubber buffer on the frame acts as a stop, ‘cushioning’ action and preventing rattle.

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