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Support Stays ‘Safety Catch’ Release

The standard models illustrated are representative of a family of stays for top-hinged doors and hatches. The ‘safety-catch’ design means the stay must be manually released – a useful precaution against vibration or accidental closure.
Ordering Code
7/25621 Stay, 285/470 mm, 2 brackets

Note: Standard brackets shown are 7/09514 (top) and 7/21194 (bottom). Bottom bracket has radiused base and elongated fixing holes for

When supplied without brackets, top & bottom sections have mounting holes at 6mm diameter

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Length between centres, closed
285 mm
470 mm
B Max. Width (outer) 25 mm
C Max. Depth (outer) 12 mm
D Location (bottom) 23 mm
E Hole centres (bottom) 32 mm
F Bracket width (bottom) 57 mm
G Location (top) 23 mm
H Hole sizes (diameter) 5 mm
J Hole centres (top) 19 mm
K Location (top) 9 mm
L Location (bottom) 13 mm

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