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Catches & Latches

‘Disc’ Latches, Push-Button Models

These models are fully plant-on to the door edge, and operate directly from a push-button unit. The latches have built-in locking functions and fully interconnected inside/outside operation. When correctly fitted they meet legal requirements for on-road vehicles.
Ordering Code
3/30476 Disc latch, RH
3/30477 Disc latch, LH
3/22142 Disc latch, RH (Mini)
3/22143 Disc latch, LH (Mini)
3/21330 Loop-striker

Illustration to show operation of actuation levers (right-hand shown)

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Max width 66 mm
B Body height 94 mm
C Body depth 21 mm
D Push plate width 20 mm
E ‘Throat’ height 18 mm
H Holes c/s 13 mm ø 7mm
J Max width 45 mm
K Plate height 60 mm
L Loop depth 27 mm
M Hole centres 38 mm
O Hole sizes c/s 13 mm ø 7 mm

For other dimensions consult engineering drawing

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