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End-Slam Latches (End Bolts)

Precision-made latches which have become motor-industry ‘standards’, with solid, machinecut steel bolts and ‘quick-fit’ attachment point if desired. Adjustable bolt-pull allows bolt projection to be varied, and bolts are reversible to ‘nose-up’ position. Stainless steel models available.
Ordering Code
3/22386 End latch, nose-down, ‘quick-fit’ pull
3/22387 End latch, nose-down, plain pull
3/22388 End latch, nose-up, plain pull
3/22389 End latch, nose-up, ‘quick-fit’ pull
3/22392 End latch, special (non-reversible)
9/01187 Stainless steel latch (as 3/22387)
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Bolt Thickness 13 mm
B Bolt Pull 13 mm
C Width 57 mm
D Bolt Width 19 mm
E Body Length 62 mm
F Hole Centres 44.5 mm
G Hole Centres 33 mm
H Hole Diameter Ø 5.5 mm
J Hole Diameter Ø 5 mm

Bolt projection variable, 9-16 mm.
Minimum load 5kg for full bolt travel.
Mild steel model made in CR4.
Stainless models in grade 304 with stainless bolt-pull, bolt and spring.

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