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Single Point Slam Latches

A range of compact slam latches derived from our standard end-bolts, but with direct action by knob or loop handle. These models are useful for seat squabs, gates and passive doors. They are also available in stainless steel. Dimensions as 3/22386, Bolt-spring pressure 2.5kg.
Ordering Code
9/00279 Top-knob latch, nose-up mild steel
9/00279SS Top-knob latch, nose-up stainless steel
9/01059 Bottom-knob latch, mild steel
9/01059SS Bottom-knob latch, stainless steel
9/01243 Top-knob latch , nose-down mild steel
9/01243SS Top-knob latch, nose-down stainless steel
9/00028 Pull-handle latch, mild steel
Top-Knob Latches
Bottom-Knob Latches
Pull Handle Latches

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