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Latching Systems

2/3-Way Slam Systems

These versatile systems are assembled on site from standard end-latches, together with centre case (opposite) and connecting bars. The three slam bolts act together and are withdrawn simultaneously.

Left and right-hand versions are identical apart from position of centre bolt and direction of rotation of centre follow-bush. 2-way versions do not have centre slam-bolt.
Ordering Code
3/18341 3-way slam system, left-hand
3/18342 3-way slam system, right-hand
3/18343 2-way slam system, right-hand
3/18344 2-way slam system, left-hand

Normally supplied in boxed sets of 10 units. All components are provided, including guides (3/18617), strikers (3/12341), rivets (19-7) and wave washers (58-21).

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Max. Length of system 2057 mm
B Guide plate width 25 mm
C Guide hole centres 40 mm
D Length of linkage bar 915 mm
E Linkage bar section
Cranked 5 mm (rolled edges)
12 x 3 mm
F ‘Free movement’ slot 22 mm

Centre bolt withdraws by 11 mm maximum.

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