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Latching Systems

2-Way Slam Systems

The standard model illustrated is representative of a family of 2-way centre mechanisms, used with our end latches to provide slam action on two sides of a door or panel. Right-hand and left-hand systems are available, with many options to suit (volume) applications.
Ordering Code
9/02058 2-way system complete, RH
9/02059 2-way system complete, LH
9/02061 2-way mechanism only, LH

Note ’Historic’ models have mechanism length at 1320 mm and ‘F’ dimension 57 mm, and must use end-latches 3/22386.

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Length of system (extended)
2000 mm
1950 mm
B Case length 50 mm
C Case width 75 mm
D Case height 14 mm
E Hole centres (vertical) 38 mm
F Hole centres (horizontal) 62 mm
G Withdrawal (each end) 25 mm
H Hole sizes (diameter) 4 mm

With end latches attached, maximum system length is 2120 mm. Dimensions of end latches (3/22387) shown separately. Full system includes end-latches (3/22387) Striker plates (3/12341), rivets (19-7), and wave washer (58-21).

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