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Latching Systems

‘Drop-T’ Non-Locking Latches

Identical in function to locking models, but with no lock cylinder and reduced pan dimensions.

These are used when no security is required or where free-opening is mandatory (fire equipment, etc).
Ordering Code
Stainless Steel Models
9/01505 LH, non-locking, stainless steel
9/01506 RH, non-locking, stainless steel
Mild Steel Models
9/01515 LH, non-locking, zinc-plated
9/01516 RH, non-locking, zinc-plated
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Width of pan 120 mm
B Length of pan 102 mm
C Hole centres 69 mm
D Hole centres 90 mm
E Max. depth 68 mm
F Height of handle 30 mm
G Length of latch 70 mm
H Hole Size (dia) 7.5 mm
I Engagement (normally set at 51 mm) 43-55 mm
J Widthcam travel 3 mm depth 30 x 5 mm deep
K Projection 30 mm
L Location 34 mm

'I' dimension can be varied using different latchbars. See options.

Gasket ref: MP00568 (non-locking).

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