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Latching Systems

Drop-T 2-Way Models

With multi-point versions the centre latching tongue can be removed to provide 2-way action only. The centre case can then be used with rods, or with standard end latches as illustrated. Adjustable for either LH or RH movement.

Where additional protection is desired for the lock cylinder, the ‘drop-T’ can be fitted with a protective cover. Two styles are available, either a sliding diecast plate (chrome) or a moulded flip-up cap illustrated. They can be used with all ‘drop-T’ models.
Ordering Code
9/01621 2-way Drop-T slam system,stainless case, mixed differ.
9/01621/01 As above FS880
9/01623 2-way centre only, stainless, mixed differ.
9/01623/01 As above FS880
9/01624 2-way centre, mild steel,mixed differ.
9/01624/01 As above FS880
3/18702 Rod only, 1145mm

Non-locking models also available.

Slam systems include end-latches and (flat) link bars, normally in mild steel.

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Width of pan 120 mm
B Length of pan 125 mm
C Hole centres 69 mm
D Hole centres 95 mm
E Max depth 45 mm
F Fixing centres 52 mm
H Hole sizes (dia) 7.5 mm

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