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Latching Systems

‘Drop-T’ 3-Way Latch System

The 3-way ‘Drop-T’ provides a complete latching system for the largest doors. Handle. lock, latch and flush recess pan form a self contained unit needing only a simple cut-out. Rods attached on site and adjustable for either LH or RH movement. Suits drop-down hatches, truck toolboxes and other large enclosures.
Ordering Code
9/01561 3-way Drop-T set, stainless,mixed differ, c/w rods
9/01561/01 As 9/01561, FS880
9/01562 3-way Drop-T set, mild steel,mixed differ, c/w rods
9/01562/01 As 9/01562, FS880
9/01567 Centre only, 3-way Drop-T,stainless
9/01567/01 As 9/01567, FS880
9/01568 Centre only, 3-way Drop-T,mild steel
9/01568/01 As 9/01568, FS880
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A. Width of pan 120 mm
B. Length of pan 125 mm
C. Hole centres 69 mm
D. Hole centres 95 mm
E. Max depth 45 mm
F. Rod fixing centre 52 mm
G. Length of latchCam depth 70 mm3 mm
H. Hole sizes (dia) 7.5 mm
I. Engagement 27 mm
J. Visible length 30 mm
K. Rod length 1145 x 9.5 mm
L. Hole dimension (dia) 7.5 mm
M. height to central line 14 mm
N. Hole sizes (dia) 5mm c/s 10 mm

Rods withdraw by 25mm in line of travel, as latch disc rotates through 90°.Rod Ref (3/18702) Guides Ref (3/18716)

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