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Latching Systems

Drop-T Models with Stud Fixing

This is an optional feature which allows the ‘Drop-T’ unit to be secured from beneath, with no mounting holes, screws or rivets visible from outside.

Four weld-studs (M6 x 15 mm) are fitted to the flanges in same positions as normal mounting holes, giving better appearance, more security, and preventing entry of corrosion-causing agents.

Stud-fixing is an option on all ‘Drop-T’ models, including mild steel and powder coated versions.
Ordering Code

Stud-fixing models
Add the suffix “/SF” to our regular part numbers.

All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.

Fixing centres as pierced models. Recommended maximum torque for securing weld-studs is 4.5 Nm (3.3 ft lb)

Drop-T with straight latch bar

Suffix ‘A’
‘I’ dimension variable
from 29-41 mm,
‘Nominal’ = 35 mm

Specify LH or RH
5/O2068 = RH
5/O2069 = LH

Drop-T with long, straight latch bar

Suffix ‘C’ ‘G’ dimension is
100 mm
(‘K’is 60 mm)

Specify LH or RH
5/O2431 = RH
5/O2432 = LH

Drop-T with 'cranked-up' latch bar

Suffix ‘B’ ‘I’ dimension variable
from 21-33 mm,
‘Nominal’ = 30 mm

Specify LH or RH
5/O2070 = RH
5/O2071 = LH

Drop-T with straight, hooked latch bar

Suffix ‘D’
‘G’ dimension (to hook edge) is 65 mm.

Specify LH or RH
5/O2058 = RH
5/O2059 = LH

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