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Latching Systems

Steel ‘Paddles’ 2-Way Models

With these units the paddle case has an integral 2-way mechanism, allowing it to be used for slam systems on larger doors, fitted vertically or horizontally. Full choice of finish options, with several types of end latches. Order as centre units only, or full sets as illustrated.
Ordering Code
Stainless models with pierced rim (& gasket)
9/00438 2-way paddle centre, locking
9/00438/01 2-way paddle centre, FS 880
9/00439 2-way paddle system, locking
9/00439/01 2-way paddle system, FS 880
9/00417 2-way paddle centre, non-locking
9/00437 2-way paddle system, non-locking
Mild Steel models with plain rim, (& gasket)
9/00409 2-way paddle centre, locking
9/00409/01 2-way paddle centre, FS 880
9/00429 2-way paddle system, locking
9/00429/01 2-way paddle system, FS 880
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
E ‘Travel’ of link point 15 mm
F Depth of link point 37 mm
G Location of link point 47 mm

Note : ‘F’ can be reduced to 30mm by mounting pillars on inside face of levers.

Standard linkage bar 3/12497 (915 mm) used for 2-way slam system. Piercing allows ‘quickfit’ attachment of latches and free movement when centre is locked.

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