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Steel ‘Paddles’ Slam-Bolt Models

These are slam-action paddles using a machine-cut solid bolt. Stainless models have pierced rim, mild steel models are normally supplied with plain, unpierced rim for weld-on installation.
Ordering Code
Mild steel models, with plain rim & gasket
9/00419 Slam-bolt paddle, locking
9/00419B As above, black
9/00419/01 As 9/00419, FS880 standard keys
9/00419B/01  As above, black
9/00420 Slam-bolt paddle, non-locking
Stainless models with pierced rim & gasket
9/00418 Slam-bolt paddle, locking
9/00418/01 As 9/00418, FS880 standard keys
9/00408 Slam-bolt paddle, non-locking
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Case length 140 mm
B Case width 108 mm
C Hole centres 95 mm
D Hole centres 94 mm
E Bolt projection (max) 28 mm
F Bolt depth 22 mm
G Bolt width 19 mm
H Hole sizes (diameter) 5 mm
J Maximum depth 40 mm
K Recess length 105 mm
L Recess width 76 mm

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