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Specialist Hinges

Diecast Block Hinges for Flush Doors

These ‘block’ hinges are a simple way to hang flush doors on metal cabinets, electrical enclosures, etc, allowing “lift-off” capability from a narrow door surround.

‘Handed’, left and right, these hinges provide great flexibility in a variety of configurations. See schemes below. Use one hinge of each hand to create a non-lift-off, permanently retained door.
Ordering Code
9/01966 Hinge, RH, chrome
9/01967 Hinge, LH, chrome
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Length (half) 43 mm
B Width 25.5 mm
C Height 15 mm
D Height to pin 8.5 mm
E Location 25.5 mm
F Location 9.5 mm
G Location 12.7 mm
H Hole sizes M6x9 mm

Note: Hinge pin diameter 6mm, projection 25mm

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