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Specialist Hinges

Diecast Block Hinges for Offset Doors

‘Block’ hinges are a neat, convenient method for hanging externally-fixed doors on metal cabinets, electrical enclosures, etc. Non-handed, the upper part simply sits onto a fixed steel pin (oppose hinges for when door is permanently fitted).
Ordering Code
‘Small’ (60 mm) hinges (hole and peg)
1/26379R raw finish
1/26379B black finish
1/26380 chrome finish
Two-hole design (60mm only)
With this option the ‘peg’ is replaced by a second tapped hole at the same location.
‘Small’ (60 mm) hinges (2 holes)
1/26389R raw finish
1/26389B black finish
1/26390 chrome finish
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
60 mm hinge
A Length (half) 30 mm
B Width 13 mm
C Height 14 mm
D Height to pin 7.5 mm
E Location 16 mm
F Location 8 mm
G Pin diameter 6 mm
H Hole size 6 mm x M5
J Peg size 3 x 6 mm dia

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