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Specialist Hinges

Lift-Off Steel Hinges

These steel hinges carry relatively high loads and are suitable for larger enclosures such as compressors, generators and electrical cabinets. They are available in either mild steel or stainless steel, with end caps and stainless pin and bearing washer for smooth operation and corrosion resistance. Left-hand and right-hand available.

Interchangable with our moulded & diecast lift-off models
Ordering Code
9/01442 Stainless lift-off hinge, RH
9/01443 Stainless lift-off hinge, LH
9/01402 Steel lift-off hinge, RH, zinc
9/01403 Steel lift-off hinge, LH, zinc
9/01536 Steel lift-off hinge, RH, black
9/01535 Steel lift-off hinge, LH, black
All dimensions shown are rounded to the nearest millimetre. Please request a drawing for the exact product specific and tolerances.
A Length 100 mm
B Width (half) 37 mm
C Height 15 mm
D Location to axis 22.5 mm
E Hole centres 60 mm
H Hole sizes (diameter) 10 mm, c/s 15 mm

Material thickness - 3 mm, pin diameter 10 mm

Angle of opening - Hinges will open fully forward to 180°, backward to 90° from horizontal

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